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Boat Lost Off New England Washes Up In Spain

Courtesy of http://www.boatguidecanada.com

Published By: Craig Ritchie

A 26-foot fishing boat lost off the Massachussetts coast in 2008 has washed up on shore in Spain.

MSNBC reports that a 26-foot Regulator centre console fishing boat owned by 58- year old angler Scott Douglas, of Nantucket, MA, drifted across the Atlantic Ocean for three years before washing up on a Spanish beach.

Douglas last saw the boat the day he was fishing from it with his brother-in-law, Rich St. Pierre. The sea was rough and the pair were about to pack it up for the day when a rogue wave threw both of them from the boat. With the current drawing the yellow boat out to sea, the two men swam for shore and survived.

The Spanish Coast Guard reported the boat’s recovery to the US Coast Guard  last week. Based on international salvage law, the boat now belongs to the Spanish government, which is just fine with Douglas (can’t blame him there – can you imagine the insurance headaches?). He’s just happy to be alive after that ordeal.

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