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Can I ship a Large yacht / boat between North America East and West coasts? (Eg Vancouver to Florida, Toronto to Vancouver)

The answer is a resounding YES!


With representation on the Great Lakes and West coast, we are ready to help send your next yacht where you want to use it.


Most vessels over forty feet or so are difficult to ship over land, often requiring dissassembly of flybridge / arches. If the vessel is small enough to ship over land, an approximate cost of $15,000 can be expected depending on the shipper.


We have worked with many trucking companies, and can help to arrange quotes. For obvious reasons, when choosing a company to handle the move, cheaper is not always better. Some important factors to consider are their experience with moving boats, proper insurance, and client satisfaction (do they generally meet schedule commitments, etc).


When moving over land becomes too difficult (or impossible), the best option is typically a company like Seven Star Yacht Transport http://www.sevenstar-yacht-transport.com/. This service puts your yacht on a large ocean-going ship, and unloads it in the port of your choice. Some benefits of the service include: less wear and tear on engines and vessel when compared to delivery under own power, float up/float off service using the ship’s onboard cranes.

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